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Reviews for "My Firefly"

I love this so much, John. It was such a pleasure and honour doing some work with you, especially on such an excellent track. I hadn't heard the bridge before and it's a wonderful touch. And that vocal chopping at the end was amazing! I want to get Ableton just so you can share this session with me because I feel like I could learn a bunch from what you did. Excellent work, I love this.

PS. I hear which line you wanted a second version of and I'll do it for you if you like when I get the chance :) Sorry I wasn't able to get to it. And sorry for saying sorry. Sory. Hemlo. Joooooordi

johnfn responds:



Personally, I'm not one for vocals of this style. The rest is great though, and I really enjoy that one, uh, xylophone (?) part. It has a very funky tune that morphs into a great thing overall, and I like the aethstetic.
Kinda reminds me of a game where the buildings are all bouncy and/or randomly lighting up.
(By "vocals of this style" I mean the more love song-y type stuff, and sadly that's most lyrics nowadays. I just wanna hear something different, you know?)
In my opinion, 9/10. g's

johnfn responds:

u dont like love? =(((

johnfn singing when

johnfn responds:

I HAVE MELODYNE ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME (heh that almost rhymes)

this is the best thing you've ever, ever done

fucking hell

johnfn responds:

until i do you rite rite (ty bb ilu)

Starting of funky with the high notes there :), got surprised by the vocals! Nice touch!
This is a very tasty track, I don't have to say much more than that.

Kind of unique use of the voice, using the vocals more as a melodic part, than a build up like most EDM does now a days. I really like how the styles are mixed up of you three in this one.

johnfn responds:

thanks mang! glad you liked it! =D