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Reviews for "Waterworks!"


i love this game, it has cool pixel art and lovely animations that make this game come to life, i have played your other games like deep sleep and don't escape trilogy they were awesome and this one is too.

This is one of the best games I've ever played here... I was supposed to be working right now but the game I was going to play for 15 minutes in my free time actually took 2 hours because I simply couldn't stop. Great work.

Amazing work as always from Scriptwelder. I'd give feedback, but the sheer amount of polish makes it almost impossible. I really hope that you continue to use your talents on an ever grander scale, Polish friend.

I suppose the only thing I noticed was that gift cards were not useful, at least not on normal difficulty. Typically if you want to improve your influence, you would use your money to improve the water supply. Exchanging money for influence is silly when you could use that money to improve the water supply, giving you more influence per turn. In the late game I think I used one small gift to buy enough influence for a generous donation, but that was it, really.

This is the finest game I've ever played on Newgrounds. Attractive graphics, lush music, and gameplay that's simultaneously relaxing and engaging. And I love the educational component to it :)