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Reviews for "Waterworks!"

Hmm I am missing 2 medals. Refreshing the page didnt do anything either. Still great game.
edit: nevermind I think that the medals dont count for easy difficulty.

This is cool. Very interesting gameplay. Runs kinda slow, but I think that's on my end. I finished my first playthrough at turn 131! All I needed was 10 more coins. I would've used a donation card if I'd known. Feels bad

Another scriptwelder masterpiece! Narrowly got "Never a Dull Moment" on my first game... because I didn't realize I had the card I needed in my warehouse the whole time, and blew over a dozen turns waiting.

Really, that's the only issue I have: all it needs is a notification telling us we have a card required for building saved, if we try to end our turn.

but GOD it takes so long to load

Shouldn't be free.