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Reviews for "Waterworks!"

Really good a bit difficulty but probably because I'm a noob

if you made this bigger and put it on steam, I'd easily pay 15-20 dollars for it. 30 with enough extra content. it's seriously addicting in a good way, and it gives a huge sense of satisfaction. I haven't loved a game on this site like this in a long time. I actually got upset when I reached the end of my playthrough because it felt like I just started.

I really wanted to give this game a fair critique.. but I didn't find any flaws.
This is beyond addicting colony-sim thing, with interesting tidbits about a polish waterworking system.
The only thing I can think of as being annoying is stalling constructions due to lack of funds, I'd like to have an ability to sell my influence-based trinkets because donations of valid sizes only come at the endgame.

It feels so satisfying when the whole town is watered because of an upgrade.

just great, i love it