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Reviews for "Waterworks!"

Great Game. I love the message at the end, also (if you are doing well) the late game it is ez

Normal mode was way too easy, but I'm gonna try insane.

This game is unfogivingly hard! the only way for you to possibly win is the fact you can play on easy mode! This game is also surprisingly easy to softlock. I am in -14 influence and can'
t go any higher! When you lose, there is no going back! not even going to undo turn! You have to start over! this game is not fun at all! Just an unforgiving pile of junk. Just nerf the game and make it easier.

why is this such a good game? Found myself playing it for an hour! The only problem is that medals dont work.

An amazing game with a very easy to get the hand on controls and mechanics.
Still could be improved, like the possibility to use the keyboard, instead of only using the mouse, a quick sorting mechanic (when you get new cards you have to drag them, this harms the phasing, solution could be to push a button and all of the cards of a specific usage like workers, get filtered and added to their respective spot).
Other than I found no problems, and I was amazed by the inclusion of small facts, as an extra touch to them, really good ,really good.