Reviews for "BOOGER"

not too shabby for flash...

...next time you should prolly put some music like some mindless self indulgence or somethin'!!! nice though...keep it up!


Awesome animation but there's no sound at all. Some rock music would have been good. It also got kind of weird....Good job!

It realy could use some sound

that wasn't bad if you tried a little harder it would look awesome


The animation remake of broly returns was great...but why the fuck did you have all that other crap in there...


To bad that you ripped(redrawn) it from the movie. Don't get me wrong, i like it, but every average artist could redraw a movie. I can see that you have talent, hopefully you next time you will use it for something more original.

PS, lose the stickfigures, you can do much better.