Reviews for "BOOGER"

Just Above Avg...so i gave it a 6

Circa5050 your such a dumbass...YOU CANT BLAM ANYTHING AFTER ITS GOT 100 Votes..and this one has 200! fuckin idiot!..and this is half decent..and this might be his best...so leave him alone!....Maby this makes Other people laugh!
Keep it up Ralph!

Sentiantopaque responds:

Er..no no..I want it blammedO_O EVERYONE VOTE 0:-D! ..This aint ..this wasn't meant..>_< GOD DAMMIT BLAM IT!O_O

umm rip... but good

well as much as that was a rip off of the broly movie, or one of. te graphics where good. made well, good stuff overall for presentation. but no sound. need some in there man.
as much as it was a rip off, good work redoin it.

Sentiantopaque responds:

Err....shit .I was hoping this would get blammed..Someone said I sucked because I did stick figs and etc and etc: So I just TOOK this clip from the actual movieo_O!!!! And fucked up teh ending. And there is sound..but this was just a pulled clip..aww shit..dammit:-(


Sound would be good "DIPSHIT"


what the fuck was that


Something tells me that this is stolen from somewhere. If the person who made this, "Ralph" can make something ar great as that, why can't they include a loader? This movie therefore gets no rating from me.