Reviews for "BOOGER"

Well... :S

At last a good animation of your´s but still it´s stick!
And this scene where Brolly dies is from that Broly Returns (Know as "Broly Second Coming" in USA).
This animation had a very good quality but the STICK`S they...they...they... AAAAARGH!!!

kick ass

very cool it first remined me of a xiaoxiao dbz style but then it had all the other stuff. overall good


its hard to compete against flashes like xiao xiao but u did it

1+5 |-|4|2|) +0 c0/\/\pe+e 4g41|\|5+ |=145h35 |1|<e X140 X140 Bu+ U |)1|) 1+

that was my little secret typing 0_o

Has to be your best work.

That was perfect! Everything was perfect! Incredible man! This won't get blammed. Sorry man, ur too good at this stuff. Submit more cool movies!


i didnt hear ny sound, but maybe my speakers broke, so thats why i gave sound a 0 but ima check my speakers out on next flash.. sorry if they ar broken lol keep it up, almost perfect