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Reviews for "Universe City"


Hey, another amazing track from you! =) You're definitely one of my favorite artists on here, and I just heard your stuff for the first time a week or so ago. lol

Really, the only complaint I can come up with for this song is that the echo of the yelling guy didn't quite fit. Not like it does in your other songs. That's not really too big of a problem, though.

I agree with musicstory that it was a bit repetitive too, but when you have a chorus as good as this, I don't think there's a problem with it. That's how most songs of similar genre are anyway.

Nice work! You got another download from me. ;)


If you make an all time best hits, this has to be on the tracklist.


Dude this one sounds kinda like Speed of sound but a little bit better. SOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

P.S. You Own When I First Got On NewGrounds You Were Teh First Person I Listened To.


this shit is old as fuck no fags make new good shit only shit thats left is that little faggot sp1ri1t or whatever whos balls didnt drop yet and that bitch acts hard and says he is one of best djs .. this is just as good as nates beggining of time and physX beat is comming and final destination anyway my faves nd im tryna make songs like this

really good

I hope you don't mind if i take a sample of this and put it on my phone. Wow i am typing to the beat.