Reviews for "Stick RPG"

Nice work

This is very well done. I can tell that it's unfinished, because everything that you have done is very well polished, and I can see where it is a work in progress, and not so well polished. I'm sure the finished product will be a much smoother play. I can't wait to see the finished version.


Great job, keep working on it, I'm sure it'll be awesome. One problem - Movement would be a lot easier with the arrows keys as opposed to the mouse. Try that maybe? =)


Very addicting, and interesting to play. The best part is the bar fights. I would like to see another version of this with more things to do/kill/attack.



I couldn't really do anything except get in bar fights and shit like that.

Sketchy but still awesome

It had a somewhat sketchy framerate (probably because of my crap somputer) but it was still fun to play.