Reviews for "Stick RPG"


First off, I love this game so far and I hope you release a completed version of it. A couple improvements you could make would be to prompt users when they click "quit" if they really want to quit. I lost my game a couple times accidentally clicking that. After about 30 days or so all the cars disappeared leaving me to walk the streets as I pleased. After I won a bar fight my guy just stood there and nothing was happening, except my life bar was going nuts. I right-clicked and selected play (it was unchecked) and then it told me I had died even though I won.

good job :)

nice game only 1 complaint well 2 really :P the first is that you should think about putting his apparment building/house closer to all the other stuf... it gets very tedious after about 20 das when all you do is walk back and fourth from the university to the building were you work and back to you house... :) and add somting to do instead of aimlessley trooting around :P


if you leave us like the sim girl people, i swear *i'll* kill you.either way i'll play

Very good

Great concept...
Good effort..
anyway is pretty good


Good start, I can't wait to see what this is like when it's done. Reminded me of SimGirl.

The thing that I think needs most improvement is the movement of the character. Allowing him to move more freely would be so much better. But I do like the fact it is mouse controlled. It also wouldn't hurt to have some clear stated objectives in-game, so we wouldn't just be running around for fun.

Good luck!