Reviews for "Stick RPG"

omg sweet

IM NOT A FAN OF STICKS AT ALL BUT THIS WAS SWEET BECAUSE THE POINT OF IT WASNT ABOUT STICKS IT WAS THE (ill stop caps now) incredible about of time you put into makign this man! i dont care sticks or no sticks this is the best thing ever (i myself didnt play it much but i played it enough to see the extencive amount of work that went into it you made a goal and stuck to it good for you : D)


This deserves an overall score of like 4.50!


w000t all my 5 are belong to this!

I loved it!! I have never played a game for over 2 hours on the portal (yeah.. I know.. im a loser.. shuttup) but this one I did and it deserved it! you could touch up on the walking speed, and like those things Legovski said:

1) Let the guy pick up chicks at the bar
2) Bigger city
3) Maybe auto buttons to go to the different buildings once youve been there
4) Special events every week or something?

all those sound good. and you dont have to make it hentai with the girls at the bar, maybe you could just be in a nice little happy relationship (yeah right.. anyway, kid friendly, so that I can play it at school without too much worries)... bigger city is not definately necessary but maybe a few more buildings and maybe you could get a bicycle or a car to get around.. maybe a new moving system? and with the special events stuff, I think that maybe there could be a weekly dual or wrestling match or drag race or something sponsered by the bar. (who doesnt like cock fights!? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) I really like this genre and its too bad there are only 4 or so games like it :-( Good job though!!


that number

what is that fucking number on the side its at the lower left hand coruner


This rules!! But there were no cars in mine. :( Except one that was stuck in the sky.