Reviews for "Stick RPG"

Loved this game as a kid, my only suggestion is a submit score thing when you finish (mostly because I'm proud of getting exceptional lol)

This game was part of my childhood. I've played through it uncountable times through the website Stickpage. Thank you, XGen, for the great memories.

This game man.

Leave it to Xgen to create some of the most memorable games on this site. This I'd say was his magnum opus right here. Either that or Stick Arena.

Seriously Skye it's hard to believe you were taken from us. Gonna miss you man RIP

Classic game i remember playing this back in the day with my brother

dose anyone know in stick rpg 2 where to find the bar with that girl that you ran an errand fo to give a text book? I can't seem to find it.

and stick rpg the first is a great game.

but serusly where is that bar that your find that girl that you ran an errand fo in micbucks at stick rpg?