Reviews for "Stick RPG"

Ton o fun

This game is really great (warped to a 2d world lol). I loved getting in fights at the bar and the leveling of my stats. I liked getting promotions, working out, and drinking. It was super fun. I am a big fan of your other games/movies and hope you keep coming out with more:)

Good...but not great

I like it and it's rather good. But the bug when fighting is annoying. And there's no story or adventure. But i like the basis and i like the game. I like playin it from time to time.


there is a bug when u fight ppl that thier health regains and the game still runs but nothing happens.

fix it

its good but when i finish a bar fight nothing happens to the guy i just beat. he just stays there and i cant do nuthin! fix it!!

Good game, but could use more

The game was too easy. There was no real challenge. If I could make a suggestion for Stick RPG II, I think you should add random encounters as you wander around. Other then that, I enjoyed this game & was shocked to realize I had spent oved an hour playing it when I was done.