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Reviews for "Lucky Vodka"

Nice :P

the animation could have done with some more work, but the idea was great, and the flames were realy well done


funcy good jobz


I liked how you got around the window smashing and the fire, nothing else really to the movie.
Very irish, from what i hear.


the good:
th emusic is nice and fits well in this flash. and i like the graphics of the fire. it looks good.

the bad:
the animations look quite stiffy. the hand didn't the rag high enough to put it in the bottle, it looked like the rag would just go through the glas... ;)

the ugly:
it's kinda short, but i liked it. a flash doesn't have to have a runtime of 10 minutes or more to be good ;) .

Lucky Vodka

Hahaha that was funny... NOTTT it was too short.. but i knew where u were getting at.