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Reviews for "Lucky Vodka"


Boring and pointless. Needs more and maybe some proper storyline to.

That was pointless

What more is there to say? And they expect you to write a sincere review for every movie. X!

Wow... bad...

Ya'know... geez. This movie could've at least meritted an overall rating of 4 had you fixed up a few spots here and there. Notice how the wadded cloth goes mystically through the bottleneck without going through the opening of the bottle? Notice how the hand has no use of its opposible thumb? Notice how pointless this movie is? Notice how much wasted time went into this?

thats it? by Khan

that was really boring, I disagree when people say this is the worst portal entry, or the worst they have seen, I bet they have managed to see worse... I certainly have! ! ! but it WAS boring...


This is one of the worst entries I have ever seen. You could give a gorilla laxative and it would shit out better things than this. Don't waste your time by loading this one.