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Reviews for "Lucky Vodka"

Lucky Vodka

Hahaha that was funny... NOTTT it was too short.. but i knew where u were getting at.


Lol Vokda rocks but u make it so short that i gave it a 1 and i didnt find it funny. I was just being nice beacuse u did a good job on the idea but the flash was so bad.

((( HAHA )))

Very short but made me laugh right away haha, it didnt really make much sense but was funny, the art was ok and the music kicking in halfway was ok, notbad but not great either...


A pointless movie

A bottle of vodka gets paper stuffed in the bottle neck, the paper gets set alight and the bottle gets thrown through a window, all this with a black background, think about it do you really want to waste your time watching this? Just vote 0.

nothing new

ive known that since i was in elementary... that definitely was not worth making a movie about... but w/e...