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Reviews for "Lucky Vodka"

an arsonist decides to burn down somebody house
you should have animated the part where the hand lets go
this is just an advert for your site
and it doesn't make me want to visit it

You know another thing I just noticed...

Back then it seems like everyone advertised there websites (which are obviously dead now) but also I gotta say it seems like it was also about testing animation skills on here or something like that.

Heh, like you didn't even need a plot back then you know what I'm saying?


Whats this? Just a guy throwing a motaloctive cocktail at a window. With crappy music in the backround... Just crap in a bowl ready to be searved to a squirl.

The only reason I gave this a 1 is because you actuly TRIED to do this... and plus there was fire.... :D

But the animation was crappy as hell, and pluz the end fire was BEHIND the glass... wtf? Makes no since at ALL! Damn, could you ATLEAST make it so then it makes sence... And really? A black backround? Damn, you must suck as hell if you cant provide a decient backround! All you have to do is go to paint and make a crappy street!

Plus the animation of the hand, and the glass bottle were WAY off. A glass bottle cant just magicly jump off your hand. And plus the bottle spun in three diffrent ways.. first clockwise, then counterclockwise, then Idk was the third one...

Blam this peice of crap.


the technique here was pretty primitive and nothing rally happened here as far as a story, this would've been a more effective flash I think If you told the story going on along with it rather than just a short flash about setting fire with a molotov cocktail.


Not worth my time, I hope you have a lot better flash now adays becuase that just wans't even good for a long time a go.