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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

I feel like I could use this game as an example of how a classic ANYTHING (movie, book, sport, song) can be successfully revamped. I don't think I have any complaints about this game. My knee-jerk reaction to not being able to push pieces immediately turned into looking at that as simply a challenge not a flaw. Upgrades are an excellent touch, too. This was a success all around and I hope it remains a top game here for a long time. Congrats!

it good

the first time i played i died almost instantly.
After 40 minutes i got a 46 lines high score and save my lil chameleon bud that his name escapes me now.
wonderful game

i like how fluid the movement and animations felt regardless of how simple the sprite is. the character and the music are very cute, so i was curious when the description said to uncover a mystery.

the diagonal tongue grab doesn't really work when i want it to, but the gif of gameplay demonstrates the fun you can have with the mechanics of the game.

the look of the tutorial is really cool, as well as the entire idea of the game. great work!

the x button to jump and c button to tongue is weird, but other than that, it's a good game. sure, I'm frustrated, but hey, I now know a recipe for a lime treat!

afk-mario responds:

You can actually swap the controls if you press UP + Z at the title screen (there should be a sound confirming it)