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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

Cool idea. Simple yet challenging. The controls are pretty responsive, the only downside maybe is that the diagonal pull is kind of hard to do... but, frog is always a plus.

Medals not working apparently though.

afk-mario responds:

Sorry about that the medals should be working now :)!

* Ribbit *

Took me awhile to actually figure out the mechanics and purpose of the game (I suck at reading instructions). Fun idea, nice and creative. Only reason I stopped short of 5 stars: me no likey the in game font seems too compact to my taste. Also you use o to refer to the tongue but that makes it confusing. I was reading use x/o to play instead of x/c.

afk-mario responds:

We used a tool called Pico8 that has a lot of limitations, the font is one of those so we can't do a lot about that, you can also use a gamepad, and it makes a big difference while playing

I'm never really into puzzle games but this really made me feel happy while playing it.

Effin' brilliant concept!