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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

I like the retro asthetic

Niice this was a lot of fun! I'm a fan of frog-inspired games and this one was surpisingly inventive! I liked how much freedom it gives by having the ability to drag the blocks and then "mine" them into smaller pieces.

In terms of constructive feedback, not sure how common this may be, but once I lost after making some progress (around ~15 lines), then it felt a bit tedious to start all over again with the slowest speed. I don't know what would be the best solution, maybe just a way to obtain extra lives? just thinking out loud.

That said, good job! I'll look forward to more of your games :)


Upon freeing Gonz the game froze and gave this error message.

you did it
the door has been
runtime error line 41 tab 8
return 64-#s*2
attempt to get length of local '
s' (a nil value)
in hcntr line 41 (tab 8)
in _drw line 344 (tab 1)
in _draw line 60 (tab 0)
at line 0 (tab 0)

afk-mario responds:

Thanks for the bugreport, will try and see that happened, anything else you did after freeing Gonz ?

Pretty cool. And addictive. And enjoyable.

Minor criticism - it is not possible to clear 120 blocks in a game. Clearing 50 is impossible as well, let alone 120

afk-mario responds:

Just unlocked the 50 lines badge :) ! I'm sure 120 is really hard but not impossible, it's way easier if try to use the different characters.