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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

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I just loved this game. And I did play through it before writing this.

Ummm what happens after simon goes through the door?


The game is great. Would love to be able to jump with arrow up, as well. Maybe it has some other function later in the game, but not as far as I could see. Always a good tip to include as many control schemes as possible.

The blocks need to be slower than in regular Tetris (as they are), but the wait time in the very beginning - when you are just waiting for the first blocks to get down - is a bit too long. Maybe tweak something there, make the waiting a bit more fun. I would maybe just add something extra, like a couple of flies you can catch with a tiny sound effect, just to make it more enjoyable.

Other than that, it's great. Love the concept, the sound and the graphics.