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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

Really neat idea and an interesting game to play! Definitely has a nice feel to it with a lot of love shown in the various aspects of its creation, and I had fun figuring out how to play the game and deal with the chaos. Has a weird mysterious element to it as well which serves as another nice hook. I did get a bit confused on the execution at times, however. My initial expectation when playing was that I would shoot my tongue at something, it would attach and freeze the block, and then I would press a direction to indicate where the tongue would move the attached block to. However, it looks like the only thing the tongue can do is pull it towards you (when it works, which seemed sketchy at times), which I felt limited it greatly (for example, you can't pull a block to the wall because of this since you'd get squished). Because of this, I found myself relying less and less on the tongue pulling and more and more on the tongue being able to destroy blocks, which I felt was way less appropriately frog-themed. Basically, I think the tongue pulling is the most iconic feature of this and it should've had a lot more usability given to it to make it the best, instead of having it compete with the destruction mechanics which I feel might've been built to compensate and reduce frustration from the tongue being bad. Still, had some good fun nonetheless!

afk-mario responds:

You are totally right! we try to compensate a little the fact that you can't push pieces on to the walls spawning more pieces there, but I understand how it can be frustrating.

The pulling feels like it doesn't work at times because we try to have at least one block of distance between you and the piece so you don't get squashed more frequently it's not the most elegant solution and we have talked about different ways of dealing with it, but maybe now that the conditions for it to work are more clear it makes it less frustrating :)

Thanks for playing and the review!

yeah its pretty cool

Welp, novel concept. Now this is what I call "Platform Puzzler"

Really interesting and entretaining, had a blas with it, and the death notes of the frog where heartbreaking

The medals aren't working for some reason.