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Reviews for "Pullfrog"

i like that it have controller support but i dont like that i have to use the joystick to play the game

afk-mario responds:

You should be be able to play with the DPad as well, let me know what model are you using and maybe we can fix it!

Dang, sometimes, you don't expect the treasure you find.
I like about what you all manged to do with this game.
The retro console vibe, the visuals, the smooth controls, and the fact, that for first time playing a variation on the classic Russian capital T, felt new, inattentive, and expansive to the original Ruskie classic.
I deeply fear the amount of time I might lose to this game.
Thank you for making this.

This is amazing! i wonder what they used to create this game?

afk-mario responds:

It's made in Pico 8! https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php

Wow this is very cool! Its very polished and interesting. I do wish however their was a possibility to map controls.

Anyways great work!

afk-mario responds:

You can swap the controls if you press UP + Z at the title screen (there should be a sound confirming it)

Wow! The concept and execution are both amazing!