Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

its nice but its also not..

i liked the drawings.. im a big zelda fan always have been.. the only thing i disliked in this movie was that stupid dance music.. it really doesnt go along with zelda.. but yea its nice

im n00b at flash so i prolly appreciate stuff which is easy to do and i'd just like to say.. that part where the castle zoomed otuwards n all.. i thought that part looked fuckin sick..

:D nice work

good trailer

Looks pretty kickass! Just on the full movie, can I suggest you make the backgrounds slide one way as link moves the other way, and maybe make his arms or hat move, so it feels like he's moving and not just the backgrounds changing? All you have to do is make a movie clip of him walking from different angles and re-use it throughout the movie. Your idea is good, but if you are making it seem mature and "badass" you should use more shadows and interesting lighting. Just my thoughts, good luck on the full movie!



cool the sound was bad but ok

that was ok

right well 1 thing i have to say is why are you so bothered about what the new link looks like? If youv actually seen it in motion you will see that it looks totally amazing! the expression that they get on links face couldnt of been done if they went with the N64 ocarina of time style. I reckon once youv played the game youll love the graphics and everything else about it! bak to reviewing ur movie lol! i thought it was ok and i no its just a trailer. I look forward to seeing more of ur movies.

Work on your art

No offense or anything, Its a good idea but you had better spend a lot of time on it, the animation needs to be a lot better so take your sweet time. I would like to see a decent remake for once.