Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


Your drawing is a little too crude for my tastes. And you do not animate very well either. Cartoons move, they don't bobble.


ok first the name... zelda rage trailor? ummm you didn't once show zelda in that animation, incase you didn't know that dude in green... his name is LINK. And i think he should be walking instead of just bouncin up and down like hes phucking some toad.


why is he hopping up and down in different seasons. And the music looping was terrible. It looks promising if the right animator would carry it out.

Looks pretty cool


Even for a trailer...

Its just half of Link bobbing up and down with different backgrounds. Even for a trailer thats dull. If you actually intend to make a full flash out of this, I would add a lot more than walking. And lighten up with the titles: Heroic Rage? Sounds like a Roger Corman film.