Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

not all that good

its ok for a first try, Lunadis is right, fuck all you who probably havent even made movies, anyway, use the smooth tool, this is too choppy, and use a second guidline for him walking forward more rather just up and down.

Ok, thats it!

Fuck you people who dissed it! This was obviously done by a new artist! Look at the movie at a prospective of not how the art looks, but what he has done with his art!


I hate how people make trailers and stick um on the net especially ones that suck. It would be okay just to show your friends the trailer but thats it, unless you don't have friends.


Why would you even attach your name to this garbage. This has to be the WORST rendition of Link I have ever seen! I hope the good folks at Nintendo have you killed for ruining one of their charactors like that. The animation is horrible.... Someone should delete this crap from New Grounds, to spare other people from having to look upon the stupidity that is your animation.


I agree wiyh you in this case. Nintendo shulde have made a more serius game of it, but i also think that they meant it to look funny. And so make a new kind of game. They dind t want to repete themselfs.