Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

That's the spirit!

All Zelda fans should watch this! They all know Ganon and Link, and it's true, Link isn't a liitle child anymore!

Ok...that was pretty crappy

I'm going to watch the next ones and hope they're better.

Thanks for your time.
Take care.


It was ok, the music was nice, but did it have to suddenly change like so? Well , the little nudging/fidget did get kinda annoying -_-''' maybe the scenery should've just repeated it self while he was fidgeting[meaning like it scrolls or something]

Hey, not too bad at all...

...but the last guy was right. Was that fidget supposed to simulate walking?? In addition, if you're going to make a teaser, you'd better provide more of a plot than that. I couldn't give a shit about the finished product now, because I don't know what the hell your production is about. Otherwise, music sync and animations are pretty good. The potential is there! Keep it up.


What the hell is this crap? The music loop sounds like crap. The animation is very poor, and the way he "walks" through the forests and mountains looks like he's riding a pogo-stick. this could use some work..