Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"

Please don't make the movie like this!!!

Wow... After all that improvment you should Try USING IT!! like WHERE'S EPONA?? I HIGHLY RECCOMEND EPONA so you can have a faster paced movie, Have the legs moving... SERIOUSLY This move needs TOUCHES!! I hope you just through this together in 5 minutes!!!! I give this trailer an F -You can do better than this See me after class!!


the sound was repetitive and annoying, there was no way to know when the movie was done loading so it kept freezing halfway through, and when link walked it looked like he was standing in one spot and he just realy had to pee. but other than that... O.k.
You've done better


that ricjed i deffenetly need to watch the other ones great work man

Pretty good

The music was decent, it could have been better, and there was no real animation for link moving across the land. The artwork in the backgrounds was great but link could have used a bit more work. This was just a trailor though so theres no need to be too harsh.

I aint a Zelda fan

But i aint gonna down it, lookking forward. That music got annoying