Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


This looks like it is going to be cool. I agree there needs to be a Zelda game where Link is an adult throughout.

May I make a suggestion? You could use remixes of music from Zelda in the final movie. A couple of other NG flash artists have been able to get permission from sequencers to use their music. You've seen the FF Tribute right?

SolidSacketh responds:

I don't know if I saw that movie. I'm not sure how to get someone's music/permission. i try to get by with wav files I download from pages I find from like Yahoo.com. The music will improve, times 1,000.


that was fucking sweet with the sword and the logo. the drawings were good, and the sound needs a little work.

SolidSacketh responds:

Thanks man, the final version should kick some mad ass.

You're halfway there...

Good bits there, hope to see it with better sound and no looping.

SolidSacketh responds:

Yeah, I doubt any of those sounds besides the sword blast will make it into the final film.

Nice work.

Seems to be interesting... can't wait to see what this molds into...

The graphics used were pretty good-
Though that sounds annoyed me a bit, that would have to be the only thing I didn't like.

SolidSacketh responds:

Again, yeah, the sounds will be dramitically different. I had to rush to find some dramatic stuff of the web before I had to leave for work today.

Why make a trailor?

I have said this, as I have said on other trailors. Why make a trailor, just make the fucking movie and skip this bullshit. Stop wasting time and make the movie. I cannot say this about your preview, however, because it seems you have pu any effort into this. Hell, you didn't even make the sound roll through. It just stops for a second, then starts over again. Atleast fix that damn second of silentness...

This has no creativity, i'm sure we've all wondered what would happen if LINK went psycho. yes, its Link, Zelda is the chick... Before you make something, wether it be good, or bad, bad in your case, study up on it so you don't get bad reviews.

Please don't EVER make another flash movie.


SolidSacketh responds:

Well, what do you know...Another bitch ass fool who hasn't submitted any flash, yet is Yoda about the program. Easy on the cocaine, and if it sucks so bad, make a better movie yourself. And I will keep making Flash, just to piss you off, mother f-er.