Reviews for "Zelda.Rage.Trailor"


It's... meh. Could be much better. I think it's mostly just that the music is bizarrely awkward. There's this darker loop which cuts off, then dramatic music, then abruptly it stops, then the first loop which is seemingly placed at random. With solid music all the way through, I probably wouldn't have been so distracted from the actual reason I started watching it... the trailer.

I've seen you use music clips well. So what happened here?

Not very good.

Not a very good trailer, but I just watched the others, and I must say how I impressed I am on how far your skills in Flash have come!

this didn't looked so good...

if you are willing to make a serie outta this it needs a lot of work...
work on it and it will hopefully be cool.

not good...

I like Zelda flash movies, however, this needed a lot more work on it. The animation and scene changes were not well executed at all, it looks like well over 90% of the effort was put into the drawing. The looping music was annoying and the 'movie' did lack alot of drama, and (even for a trailer) not much happens in it!

Music splicing was horrible.

Try using crossfading.