Reviews for "F-777 - Fairy Dust"

Honestly, where's the heavy beat drop? Where's the full impact synths? Where's the crash heavy drums? Where's the tunes that stick in your head for DAYS on end?
I suppose this isn't bad, it's actually a really good song. I suppose it's a new style, but if I'm being honest, I prefer your old style better.
But hey, a lot of people will be saying that. And I suppose it's not all about us, it's also about what you want to make. If you got fed up of making music in your old style, then it's fine to go onto a new style and experiment. So have fun :)

Good layers. Nice melody. Being an inferior and ambient composer, I have nothing to offer in terms of constructive criticism.

The best part about this song are the tags

Hey at least its not NK Fairy dust.... amiright?

Reminds me of dexarson embers and round2 or somthin