Reviews for "F-777 - Fairy Dust"

All these die hard GD fans and their Sonic Blaster... Song is amazing

wow, can I use this for a video? I will put your credits and page... I love it! ! !

So vibrant and addicting! Good job :D

Some people think that your new style is bad, but I like it. I understand that your music wasn't meant for gd only. And while that is where you got most of your fame came from, you should still get recognition for making fantastic music.

Not too shabby.
Even though it is on the high end it doesn't make my ears scream and bleed.
But again its title says it all. FAIRY DUST, you can't expect massive beat drops out of those, because then you'll look at the title and be like, whats this have to do with fairies???
Catchy Tune
The instruments doesn't make my ears think of a bad soprano breaking glass.