Reviews for "F-777 - Fairy Dust"

Good song

Nice melody and mixing. Very VERY professional. I love everything about this but the thing is, it's lacking a ton of bass. Almost everything is high pitched and sounds nearly distorted with reverb (idk just doesn't sound right to me.) The bass and the pitch of the notes (if they're squeaky or down low) matters to me and in my opinion is half the song on its own.

5/10 :/

The first part of the drop sounds practically empty, but the second drop is amazing

Not your best, but not as bad as some say. I actually like a lot of the sounds, but in the beginning just crank it down an octave or something. Just too much hi pitch noises at once. Also, the first part of the drop is just a bit empty, add some more sounds in there plz.

Overall, not bad. but could be better.

Why people dislike high pitch is beyond me but some words of advice. Make your music louder and try to make its so the drops are different nothing is worse than making good music repetitive. This song is loud and the drops are different so its a 11/10.