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Reviews for "Mind Conquest Jul 05, 2020"

Hey! Longtime lurker here, created an account just for this: I keep coming to a point where I've conquered all towns, got my body back and all- yet I still don't encounter Sophia or Sandra.. how do I meet them?

How do you awaken the protagonist? Seems like after 100% there is still no option.
(After going back it seems she'll leave you in their if your a dick to her. So pick your dialog with her carefully.)

HypnoChanger responds:

Talk to Terri in the main room, her conversations are mandatory for reviving you, as they determine what body you get when you are healed.

Please put a download of this game on itch.io site. The Newgrounds Player no longer works for this game as well. The game has potential and I like playing it despite the flaws that need fixing,but it sucks that there's no way to play it right now.

HypnoChanger responds:

There already should be a downloadable version of this game on itch.io and gamejolt.

the game doesnt even fit the screen

HypnoChanger responds:

just fixed it, I put in the ratio backwards.

I see very good potential for this, but it's still too underdeveloped to form an exact opinion on things i think would be better because i feel it's just that they are on their way.
Can't wait to see how far this goes.