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Reviews for "Mind Conquest 0.06"

The game seems to be broken boss, here's the list of problems.. (downloaded off GameJolt)
- The food drains way too quickly, i'm gaining about 20-60 per raid losing all my soldiers, whilst sleeping once takes 40 food
- My soldiers seem to magically disappear after fights, despite the fact that they shouldn't be dead anyway
- The bedroom scene images fade onscreen for about 2 seconds then disappears, leaving only the text
- The places you've successfully conquered offer you absolutely nothing in terms of food / slaves, and end up running out of food faster than you do
- It seems your food gets eaten whilst you're actually raiding other places for food, resulting in losses of food even when you successfully raid places...

These combined make it physically impossible to progress forward after capturing Tamara

Just posting this here in case it helps, I assume it will be patched out soon enough
Other than that, great work and keep it up!

Edit: I see, I was using the old tactic of gathering a ton of troops and dumping them on their food stocks, they were disappearing cause I wasn't getting enough food each time to keep them alive when they return, started sending them in 1/3rds at a time and it worked, thanks.

HypnoChanger responds:

I will tinker with those. For the soldiers disappearing; they take a day to return home from a raid, and so are not available to attack multiple times in a day.

Hey! Just posting to say I think you messed up the ratio here; the game screen is really long vertically, with over half being dead space, while the game doesn't fit into the screen horizontally. I'm not memeing when I say it's literally unplayable like this.

HypnoChanger responds:

Yeah, sorry about that, I put the size in backwards. Just fixed it.

the game doesnt even fit the screen

HypnoChanger responds:

just fixed it, I put in the ratio backwards.

Great game, only that it is hard to play.
the game is not using the correct window.
a lot of content text-based and game-based is unreachable or not understandable.

would you mind looking into this?

HypnoChanger responds:

I just fixed it, the I accidentally put the size ratio in backwards.

game doesn't fit the embed window, can't play it as it is :/ the right hand third is cut off

HypnoChanger responds:

I just fixed it, sorry about that. I put the size ratio in backwards.