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Reviews for "Mind Conquest 0.06"

There are a few bugs and whenever I attack someplace my excess units do not survive for some reason when in the previous versions they did.

HypnoChanger responds:

Your surviving units take a day to return now, as a bit of a balance tweak. If you can PM me the bugs you've encountered I can look into them and try to get them fixed as soon as I can.

How do you awaken the protagonist? Seems like after 100% there is still no option.
(After going back it seems she'll leave you in their if your a dick to her. So pick your dialog with her carefully.)

HypnoChanger responds:

Talk to Terri in the main room, her conversations are mandatory for reviving you, as they determine what body you get when you are healed.

Opinion: The game drags on too much and the core gameplay loops is too repetitive for how long you have to grind for your rewards. whats more the probability is broken in the game.
Let me show you what the REAL Probabilities are in the game
Displayed probability | REAL probability: Probability to fail BTW
50+ | 0%
40% | 90%
30% | 70%
20% | 60%
10% | 30%
5%< | 10%

I still like the idea and the core aspects, but the main gameplay loop is such a chore and draws away from the fun of the other good elements of the game.

HypnoChanger responds:

Probability is something the human mind is terrible at; the formula for calculating the results though literally uses the same percentage which is displayed to determine success or failure. I am working on tweaking the main gameplay loop though at the moment. Unfortunately, it can be hard to balance alone and I have had very limited testing feedback this time around so I've been trying to make further tweaks as I get comments.

I remember this game being fun, but this time I'm unable to 'break' captured leaders. Despite clicking on the bubbles, nothing happens. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Needless to say, I'm unable to progress further than the firs jail scene.

I'm an absolute moron, thank you for replying!

HypnoChanger responds:

you may be clicking on the bubbles that are already assigned to the channel you are on. Try clicking on the dull bubbles, rather than the bright ones.

I broken all kingdom, Now I have not thing to do.
I suggest that you can open all conquered kingdom in map such that players can do more things.
At last,I have a question.
Why enemy army size bigger than enemy population ?

HypnoChanger responds:

unfortunately, it's not feasible to have you attack kingdoms you've already conquered, as they share variables with the versions of the kingdoms that you own.

You generally need a larger army size because cities are defensible. The population is also not literal; the population listed represents the people who are able to fight and would logically be conscripted into defense of the city, or be worth kidnapping and adding to your army.