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Reviews for "Mind Conquest 0.06"

to be fair am mad when i am typing this but how does a army of 60 vs 80 only kill 2 people before getting wiped?

HypnoChanger responds:

Assuming it's an offensive attack, you likely rolled poorly in the RNG; but also, attacks on cities in this game are generally vs fortified locations. It's not two armies meeting in the field but your army trying to get through the opponent's defenses.

Its lookin good so far, lots of potential! Music is a bit repetitive, but the art is amazing! I do think the town needs a MAJOR rework, because if you tell them to produce food, you take it all over time and need to then change to a different tribute so the food value can develop before switching back to food to claim it. Plus the amount of dancers you need for a happy town is a bit too much for me.

Resources also don't seem that important- the only thing that really screams importance is troop count, food and energy, and if you did what I did (which is farm the food farm at the very beginning to restore the body, more on that later) then you end up with a stockpile that can last you for a while. I'd recommend maybe having some sort of troop upgrade using said resources, similar to how you use them in defence, because this would seem much more useful of the various supplies, opposed to collecting them for a few defences which rarely get used, plus it would assist the combat system and be a bit easier for players.

The story is one of the most promising aspects of the game, its interesting, and whilst a bit basic right now has potential to grow, I feel like something you could do is through each kingdom you go through you'd learn a little more about the person you play as, that either being the evil king, or terri, and the motivations or backstory.

On that note, the body and choices are still a struggle to me, I've tried a lot of different varying routes to get to the point where the evil king gets his body back, from conquering the world - rewarding when deserved, the body being too feminine and then offering head slave/telling her slavehood would happen all the same, as well as going down the same paths with building a harem in the same sentence.
I see people saying be nice and don't be a dick to her but even when your not a dick to her, it still seems like its very difficult to get your body back in either form. In that I do ask for a bit of support and help if you reply with required choices, I hope thats not too much to ask, I really want to play through the game more as the evil kings body, rather than terri's, just so I can see what else there is.

One of the big issues I had with the game is the saving. I'm of the mind that if your going to do a freedom of choice involvement in the game, with choices included in your body route, your combat and the cities you target, I'd think having multiple saves would be best, rather than saving once and overlapping the prior save. For example, in one playthrough, I had ended up in a tricky situation and wanted to reload to a point I considered advantageous for farming and preparing- the issue is, I had saving accidentally at some point, and because of that I was unable to go through with that playthrough.

tl;dr: Lots of progress and a really awesome job for such an early version, but it has a lot of potential and a lot of progress to go, I'm excited to see where this goes, but some ease of life updates would be nice, a +10 soldiers, multiple saves per save file, deletable save files for rapid new playthroughs, combat and town rework, etc etc. Honestly, great job so far! Keep up the great work!

P.s: Please do help me on the body choices- I'm fuckin strugglin like a prick here and I need help- I've tried what I think everything I can and I just wanna try the other sides of the game-

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, and yeah, I do have a lot of quality of life tweaks and adjustments that I still need to implement as soon as I have more Ui materials for it.

For getting your body back successfully; it's not exactly about being Nice to Terri, but being appealing to her. Terri hints at this in a few scenes but she likes a strong sex partner. So, going too far towards being a jerk to her, or going soft and acting weak both would put her off. You can though grind for affection or loss of affection by choosing to play with slaves Terri does or doesn't like. A couple easy examples being that she likes Sandra and hates Tael.

idea: fun
gameplay: confusing
- sending soldier to raid food / wood made the surviving ones disapear (dont know why)
- having 3 soldiers and 78 food ( 3 food drain a day) resulted in -1 food (totaal so lost 79 food) in one rest , this confuses me on how food works
- towns in control dont produce anything (intended?) and dancers only raise moral (150% atm ?!?)
- also upgrading wooded grates seems to spend resoucrces , but unsure if im getting anything out of it ( no totaal amounts or not disapearing from upgrade list)

overal the idea of the game is fun but everthing else confused me

played it localy in newgrounds player if that helps

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, I will be working on trying to tutorialize better in the next version.

#1: Add a button to send all attackers, or at least a button that adds 10 attackers. It isn't fun waiting 20 seconds adding more attackers just to see the mission fail and then they all die to starvation in a single day.
#2: Balance the resource usage. Right now it's: Kidnap, steal food, realize you don't have enough troops to conquer, sleep. You kidnap too much, then realize you have no energy and no food. You send out your troops to get food, they are lost in the battle, and then you're right back to square one.
After restarting the game, I tried my best to keep my troops from dying of starvation. If you let them die once, it's pretty much game over.
When training dancers, you can have 0 or -1 dancers. This causes the game to softlock.

I see very good potential for this, but it's still too underdeveloped to form an exact opinion on things i think would be better because i feel it's just that they are on their way.
Can't wait to see how far this goes.