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Reviews for "Mind Conquest 0.06"

i have totaly no idea how to conquer the second girl... no matter what i click i stil run out of energy

flash is going to die soon so you should probably change your game to no longer require it soon.

I did find a glitch where i'd randomly lose 40 soldiers without any warning making the game near impossible.

So, I don't understand how combat works. It looks like to conquer a city I need something like 4-5 times the number of soldiers the city has, but it's hard to get more than 200 soldiers because even sending all 200 to raid food gives me like a 30% chance to fail, which kills 50 soldiers, but I can only get like, 10 new soldiers a day, and if I don't attack, I run out of food, which kills my soldiers. The math on this seems like I just need to get lucky multiple times in a row.

I feel like Im supposed to be getting help from my cities, but I don't get a report as to what there giving me every day, so I legitimately can't tell if they're giving me anything at all. and in order to get anything out of them, you have to sacrifice soldiers, which, lack of soldiers is the problem I'm trying to fix in the first place.

Hey! Longtime lurker here, created an account just for this: I keep coming to a point where I've conquered all towns, got my body back and all- yet I still don't encounter Sophia or Sandra.. how do I meet them?

My only new complaints are that there is not quite enough game to get your body back (in any form) without grinding specifically for that goal, the saves have a hard 3 limit with no option to delete old saves (making this build even harder to replay than all previous ones, which could always start from scratch), and that regaining your body prevents any new slaves from joining in the bedroom.
I have further discovered more of sandra's glitch, where she will go straight into fear broken if you win the fight, and you only have control over her final personality if you loose the fight (like maybe because she ambushes you after you send all your units on raids instead of the beginning of the day). It also results in the advanced tutorial (from starland and magic city) not triggering if you have not gotten sandra's tutorials.
The same can not be said for the second hero. if you fail, they are sent to the prison as a sandra clone. She also turns into what ever form sandra is already in if you win, and as a result never goes to the bedroom. It is still not fixed, even though the second hero was the title image of the last build, and i suspect that the glitch will either affect all new heroes until corrected, or prevent heroes 3 and onward from spawning.
I know it is on the list of things to do, but the lack of a permanent raid location is still one of the biggest flaws with the end of the current content, locking body saving and heroes behind a psuedo-time limit (as tributes are not sustainable in any way).