Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"


Your metal renditions of game music are always Awsome. I've never heard this song remixed in any way before, and this would probably be the last way I expected it, but it kicked ass. 10 and 5. nice job


Absolutley awesome piece man. Keep it up!

But to suspened....I think he's using a program for all his music lol

JonSantiago responds:

LMAO! Playing it is more fun than programing imo :)


this shit is the bomb!!!!!


*bow* Thank you. this is awesome, friend!

No Way!

I don't know if you knew this, but someone made a custom Guitar Hero Chart for this song. (For GHIII PC or GH2 on PS2) Lol

It's fun to play, but it's a bit too short...and thus impossible to score all that many points, but I never realized you were a newgrounds artist lol :)

Btw, your music Rox :)