Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"


Hey, good song. Very good drums, and the lead guitar is quite good as well. And I liked that you got straight into the song. No long and boring intro, just straight to the fun!
It's just a bit too short :/ .


that was the most upbeat thing i have heard in like 6 months lol its like a rpg game where theyre like screw what he told us lets go back for him music lol tho as a song i could see improvements with jsut a nudge of tweaking its overal not bad tho

Pretty damn sexy!

Screw what that dickhead said about 'power metal wankery', it takes a certain magic to make a decent song in that style. Kudos dude! Loved every minute!


only a true sonic fan could honour the game in such a way. i love the song and i love the level


You were right, you did fuck it up, but in a good way. Love the remix, and I never would have though the Sky Chase song could sound so epic. You should try a Grave Matters Metaljonus remix. Grave Matters is a song from a Sega Genesis game called Light Crusader.