Reviews for "freedom awaits"

You know what they say...

. Touching.
. We could debate on the subject, but it wouldn't lead to anything. People love, like, dislike, hate their lives. There's nothing we can do. It's all up to us to choose our path. Anyway, we're animals, and animals born for only one reason : fuck and give birth.
. For the animation. I can't give over 10 but I'd do if I could. Nothing to say. Continue the great work...
. Simple, deep and well drawn : the best of all worlds.

HeRetiK responds:

*sniff* thanks...

Everyone's been there, but no one should give in.

Death in the natural sense is freedom, but no one should ever make that decision themselves. The rational thing to do, when everything is against you, is to keep going. There's too much shit going on (good or bad) to just give up. When life plays you a shitty hand, just raise that one finger at life and wait for the next hand.
By the way, good flash (sound, style, and execution). I would not have done it any differently.

HeRetiK responds:


This was great

That was geat man.Great for your first movie.
This was just great what can I say.

HeRetiK responds:

not my first movie. my first film noir.




Thiz rulez
The muzic rulez and the phrazez
man thiz iz cool
gotta love freedom awaitz