Reviews for "freedom awaits"

Nicely done

It was a great movie, other than the fact that it was actually just moving pictures, ok with the bad aside this is what i liked about it. Good music, sets the mood and such. Nice writing, didnt sound dumb and was well worded... one thing i suggest is instead of Death is Freedom, how about Freedom awaits, since it is the name of ur piece... also leave the end caption on for like 24 more frames (which is 2 seconds) at the default flash fps. Good show and
BTW All your Banana are belong to Us

wow again

Damn. Another powerful one you made. I love those kinds, especially this one. the music was great. makes you think dont it? well.. sorta... another great piece. :)

HeRetiK responds:

you're welcome! :)


Bravo, a friend just gave me the link and watch it, it's great, the requiem's track fits perfectly, bravo again

it really does make you think...

watchin this brought tears to my eyes as it reminds me of wen i once was willing to take my life,luckily i remembered ther has to be something else...
a beautiful piece of work,u are one of my favourite authors,keep up the good work!!!



I have truely felt like this, and although I have never stood infront of a train I have had similar conversations with myselves. I thought this was a beautiful piece of artwork although all my friends disagree.