Reviews for "freedom awaits"

I Just Added It To My Favorites.

This is excellent. At first, I was a little turned off by the words, they seemed a bit trite and cliche-ish, but in the end, I grew to like them. This is a great work both visually and mentally. Great Job.


Very cool painting and very nice animating...
You shouldn't think about suiciding so much, it may kill you some day... (ha ha)

I would like to know how long it took you to make the movie...

HeRetiK responds:

I like your sort of humor (ha ha). This movie didn't took me as long as most of my others flashwork, it took about me "only" about 11 hours.

One of my new favourites.

I really enjoy watching this movie, This is about my 10th time watching it, and it never gets old. I really enjoy your artwork, I also enjoyed the angles you did, and when you did it. Perfect dialog, Clear message, Inspirational in a non-suicidal way, excellent artwork, beautiful choice of music, and of course, very suspenseful.

I enjoy the setting as well, The train was a brilliant Idea.

I hope to see more of this type of work from you. Please don't kill yourself, then I can't watch your outstanding movies :)

HeRetiK responds:

thank you very much!


IMHO you have done in one short piece, what some filmmakers spend a lifetime searching for and never find. Your movie is thought provoking, disturbing, moving, and touches so very close to home for many people. The graphics remind me of a graphic novel. Very stark, plain. If you did it any other way, I don't think it would have worked.

I am fairly new and do not understand how the rating works, but your work is just stunning in it's simplicity.

HeRetiK responds:

thanks for your review.


damn man.... this was the shit.... nice job