Reviews for "freedom awaits"


ok then, props for knowing how to make flash animation. I would say you have a very good concept which could become genius once expanded on but I guess I like to do that. I liked the way you potrayed good and evil

could have been way better.

I'm sure everyone at least once in their life feels that way and questions everything in their life , including their existence and if there is something more promising after death. But how can we know if death is a path to freedom when we do not know what the afterlife may offer us . I found the choice of song to be suitable for the topic , i didn't like the end or how it ended .. and the choice of questions i found could have been formed in a more capturing manner , even though the ideas were realistic.

It's hard to choose to live or die

Poor guy, I guess it's hard to take the easy way out in life. That was pretty intense, even the music fits in to the whole theme. Although, i wish it would have been much more intense and suspenseful than that. but anyways, nicely done.

Good stuff...

I really liked it, but I didn't like the music. To make it more intense, I think you should have raised the volume of the music when the train was coming, but overall it was really good. (A 7 for me is like a C grade; average.)

Different In Its Own Way

That was a great flash. I liked the whole contradiction thing that guy had going on. Not only that, the music was very fitting throughout the whole thing. Somewhat of a surprising end as well, but that's always a good thing.