Reviews for "freedom awaits"

Not bad

You have tallent, i'll give you that, but this was just a bit to emo.


Cool i like it, make another please.


You did really well on the animation for your first Flash... really, that's great compared to what I've seen in any other animation. I don't animate... so...
BUT, the story was NOT there... i mean, DEEP? Someone is giving yo ua lot of credit. alot of people have struggled with the thought of death but... you typed 100 words when you could have typed 1. do you understand what I'm saying. Everybody struggles... but i feel that it was way too dramatic and that any Run-of-the-mill Tim Burton T-shirt wearing Hot Topic Employed Elephant Pant Eye-liner wearing High-schooler could have written the dialogue to it... Freedom is Death? Do something original....


love this flash, it's so...deep. really good job.

oh my

oh my word, a guy getting flattened by a train while battling with his conscience, cool, this is a deep animation.