Reviews for "freedom awaits"


I liked it.
Thumbs up.
One thing i felt though was that it would have been just a tiny bit better if you didn't see the train till the end, there was a few frames earlier that kinda broke the tension. The light coming closer was all good, but i didn't want to know it was a train until the last moment, i wanted as a viewer to try to figure it out.
But very good


A thing about suicide.

i am a fan but....

the animation was great but i did not like the message, nice anyway though

I...uh... wow.

I liked it but I thought the overall message was a tad much. I mean it's almost like saying "go kill yourself because you're in a rut".

It was fine but.. too dark for my taste. I realize it's in noir but... I just don't agree.


i quite honestly have chills going through my spine.
very nice.