Reviews for "freedom awaits"

hey thats kinda cool

This is a cool flash and requiem of a dream is a weird movie and i hope this makes it

It sure is my taste!

I really like movies like this. Serious movies own 'funny' ones... I would have liked to see the train actually HIT the person... And the blood would fly everywhere, then see him floating in the air... I know it wouldn't fit 100 % in the movie BUT at least something happens? Oh well, my flashmovies are inferior so, I'm gonna shut up! Fantastic movie according to me, 4/5

HeRetiK responds:

Hehehe... I should have known that I'll get a review like that. Senseless violence is fun, and I know that there's not happening very much in this movie. Believe me, I would have done it, if it wasn't for the style of this movie!

This Touches The Heart

This really has a strong meaning to me, this movie took presence in my heart, this is that kind of movie that really makes people think about who they are, it's just powerful to the body and soul, I hope just everyone else feels like I do when they see this.

HeRetiK responds:

Hey. I'm really glad to hear that. It's nice to see that there are people like you on Newgrounds.

Nice one

I really like the style,
but you overdid on the railroad track(the colors),
except that i really like it.
keep up the good work !

HeRetiK responds:

teeheee... I didn't expect that someone would say that I overdid the colors... thanks anyway!

Just kidding about that "Humor" rating

Very good! Plus, that song kicks ass. Still, the movie by itself was great.

HeRetiK responds:

k. thanks!