Reviews for "freedom awaits"

Hey...that song in the background...

Did you notice that they played that song in the Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers trailer? Well, more like a remix but its definetly the same song :/ (Oh ya, awesome flash.)

HeRetiK responds:

yeah, I've noticed that to. but I've heard that the theme of the second part of Lord of the Rings actually IS remix of this song.


i liked it.

HeRetiK responds:


This is art, pure and simple

Keep it up with the flash movies man. You rule.

HeRetiK responds:

there's nothing more that I could say than thanks.

Nice Prespective

While most would critize the true nature of this short,personally i believe it to be an ingenius insight into what most going through dark times think and experience.Keep up the good work!

By the by,if you cant look at these shorts with a open mind or any intelligent thoughts, please move along.Dont bash what you cant understand or relate to.

HeRetiK responds:

thanks a lot.

i think you need help

what the hell kind of morbid, depressing story was that?!!!
Newgrounds.com is not the same URL as rotton.com
They were pretty smooth graphics but i think you could put your talent into something not advertising suicide. A lot of kids see the flash on this site and they may not see it the same way as adults.

HeRetiK responds:

newgrounds is not for funny stuff only. it's also a place for serious movies. that's something people call freedom of speech and art.