Reviews for "freedom awaits"


i will agree with black-heart-09 suicide is coward. Life always ends in death anyway. Life is hard living. And death is the biggest mystery. You will never know what waits in death. But suicude just to find out? Just try to live your life while you can. Maybe you don't get the chance in death.

totaly nice movie!

I think...

I think the film is good, although the message at the end, you choose the wrong one, or perhaps the easiest one. I don't believe Suicide is an option, I know some things can be so painful, to the point were you don't want to do anything and all that is in your head is pain and sad memories, but eventually, the pain cease, of course, it doesn't cease from day to night nor by itself, you have to fight and move, do things, distract, move away from isolation and routine, that will save your life and you will refine beauty + whats and why is worth living.
REMEMBER: All in this life what is really worth living, always cost pain and hard work, this is what make it so worth it and so tasty when obtained. I gave a 5/5 though

common struggles....

I think that this relatable. Nice scripting and choice of music. 10/10.


I agree with frostbitex122. Everyone's life has a change , it will bring good some day later , doesn't mean you have to die , don't waste your life!


ya i hope no one else is dumb enough to do that